Welcome to Grand Prix Miami!

On March 6th-8th, StarCityGames.com proudly presents Grand Prix Miami! This Standard-format event will be held at the Miami Convention Center in beautiful South Beach, where you’ll be surrounded by warm weather, inviting water, soft sand beaches, sizzling nightlife, and as much Magic the Gathering as you can pack into a three-day weekend. Miami is already nicknamed “Magic City”, and it’s about to get a little more… magical.

It all starts with the swag. The world-famous beaches of Miami are known for their sand and surf, so what better way to commemorate your Grand Prix Miami experience than with an exclusive playmat featuring the sand-surfer of Fate Reforged himself, Mardu Scout! All Grand Prix Miami main event participants will receive an exclusive Mardu Scout playmat, promotional foil Griselbrand, FREE 8-player on-demand side event voucher, one-month StarCityGames.com Premium voucher, plus 10 tickets that can be redeemed at the all-new SCG Prize Wall! And thanks to StarCityGames.com’s Show Up and Play Preregistration, you won’t have to stand in a long check-in line to receive any of it!

Miami knows how to cater to VIPs, and so does SCG! Preregister for Grand Prix Miami as a VIP and receive all the aforementioned registration rewards… plus an exclusive, collectible GP Miami pin featuring Mardu Scout, an SCG water bottle, a GP Miami VIP badge and lanyard, 40 additional SCG Prize Wall tickets, and a copy of the out-of-print Grand Prix Miami 2013 playmat illustrated by fan-favorite Liz Nugent! In addition, our VIPs will also enjoy all the perks they’ve come to expect, including exclusive access to the VIP seating area, phone and electronics charging stations, water stations with unlimited refills, private pairings boards, access to our VIP concierge, an exclusive side event registration area, and, by popular demand, preferred tournament seating!

If you don’t want to register as a VIP, but still want to get your hands on one of those sweet Mardu Scout pins, you’ll have two additional shots at doing so. On Friday, play in one of three $20 Sealed Spectaculars, in which all participants will receive the Mardu Scout pin, six boosters to build their deck, and a chance to win tons of additional prizes. On Sunday, the Super Sunday Series offers every participant a Mardu Scout pin, a chance to win loads of additional prizes, and for the champion: an all-expense-paid trip to Wizards of the Coast headquarters to play in the $20,000 Super Sunday Series championship!

On Friday evening, fan favorites Brian Braun-Duin and Chris VanMeter will take the popular BBD vs. CVM Versus video series LIVE, battling with some of the most popular Standard decks. Come cheer on your favorite in person or tune in to SCGLive to watch the action as it unfolds!

No Grand Prix is complete without Magic the Gathering artists, and Grand Prix Miami has some incredible ones! Please join us in welcoming rk post, Jeff Miracola, John Stanko, Jason A. Engle, Zoltan Boros (Did I mention he illustrated Mardu Scout?), and our Grand Prix Miami Guest of Honor… joining us all the way from France… Aleksi Briclot! Aleksi has illustrated a whopping EIGHT Planeswalkers (including the original “Lorwyn Five”) along with dozens of other jaw-dropping pieces, and we are thrilled to have him join us at Grand Prix Miami for a rare stateside appearance.

Can’t make it to Grand Prix Miami? I’m sorry you’ll be missing out on all the fun, so we’ll do our best to bring the fun to you! Join Cedric Phillips, Patrick Sullivan and the rest of the SCGLive crew for live coverage of the Grand Prix Miami from start to finish, beginning on Saturday morning.

On March 6th through 8th, StarCityGames.com proudly presents Grand Prix Miami, and you’re invited to the party! Make plans to join us, and I’ll see you there!

Best wishes,

Pete Hoefling

President, StarCityGames.com
Premier Tournament Organizer, Grand Prix Miami