Prize Wall is excited to debut the all-new SCG Prize Wall at Grand Prix Miami! Earn Prize Wall tickets throughout the weekend to redeem for fantastic prizes!

Prize tickets can be earned by:

  • Participating in Grand Prix Miami main event (includes 10 SCG Prize Wall tickets)
  • Registering for Grand Prix Miami as a VIP (includes 50 SCG Prize Wall tickets)
  • Finishing in specific places in a Grand Prix Miami side event (varies per event) will have a wide variety of items available on the SCG Prize Wall. Some items will have limited availability. Item selection and redemption values are subject to change. More details coming soon.

Booster Packs10-20 Tickets
Fate Reforged10 tickets
Khans of Tarkir10 Tickets
Journey into Nyx10 Tickets
Born of the Gods10 Tickets
Theros10 Tickets
2015 Core Set10 Tickets
Dragon’s Maze10 Tickets
Gatecrash10 Tickets
Return to Ravnica20 Tickets
Russian Dragon’s Maze20 Tickets
Japanese Born of the Gods20 Tickets
Japanese Journey into Nyx20 Tickets
Korean Journey into Nyx20 Tickets
Fat Packs150-500 Tickets
2015 Core Set150 Tickets
Avacyn Restored350 Tickets
Born of the Gods150 Tickets
Conflux500 Tickets
Dissension350 Tickets
Fate Reforged100 Tickets
Fifth Dawn350 Tickets
Guildpact500 Tickets
Invasion400 Tickets
Journey into Nyx150 Tickets
Mirrodin Besieged200 Tickets
Morningtide500 Tickets
Nemesis270 Tickets
Prophecy450 Tickets
Theros170 Tickets
Time Spiral500 Tickets
From the Vault200-850 Tickets
Annihilation200 Tickets
Legends450 Tickets
Realms400 Tickets
Twenty650 Tickets
Exiled850 Tickets
Funko Pop! Magic Vinyl Figures40-50 Tickets
Jace Beleren50 Tickets
Garruk Wildspeaker50 Tickets
Ajani Goldmane50 Tickets
Nissa Revane50 Tickets
Liliana Vess50 Tickets
Chandra Nalaar50 Tickets
Gideon Jura40 Tickets
Elspeth Tirel40 Tickets
Tezzeret40 Tickets
Kiora Atua40 Tickets
Sarkhan Vol40 Tickets
Nicol Bolas50 Tickets
Pins50-170 Tickets
Pinny Arcade Elspeth Pin70 Tickets
2014 Pax Australia Chandra Pin120 Tickets
Grand Prix: New Jersey 2014 Exclusive Collectible Pin - Brainstorm170 tickets
Grand Prix: Orlando 2014 Exclusive Pin - Chaos Orbiter170 tickets
Grand Prix: Orlando 2014 Exclusive Pin - The TimeTwister50 Tickets
Grand Prix: Orlando 2014 Exclusive Pin - Command Tower of Horror50 Tickets
Grand Prix: Orlando 2014 Exclusive Pin - Ferris Wheel of Fortune50 Tickets
Grand Prix: Orlando 2014 Exclusive Pin - Phlying Phelddagrifs50 Tickets
Grand Prix: Orlando 2014 Exclusive Pin - Squirrel Wrangler Stunt Spectacular50 Tickets
Playmats30-250 Tickets
GP Miami 2013 Playmat100 Tickets
GP Richmond Playmat150 Tickets
GP Orlando Playmat150 Tickets
GP New Jersey Playmat250 Tickets
Creature Collection Squirrelstorm Playmat30 Tickets
Creature Collection Acorn Mystic Playmat30 Tickets
Creature Collection Series Eturtle Witness Playmat60 Tickets
Creature Collection Mammoth Playmat60 Tickets
Creature Collection Wolf Playmat60 Tickets
Creature Collection Rat Playmat60 Tickets
Sleeves30-70 Tickets
GP New Jersey Sleeves70 Tickets
Creature Collection Eturtle Witness Sleeves30 Tickets
Creature Collection Mammoth Sleeves30 Tickets
Creature Collection Wolf Sleeves30 Tickets
Creature Collection Rat Sleeves30 Tickets
Miscellaneous10-1000 Tickets
Commander’s Arsenal1000 Tickets
Duel Decks: Anthology500 Tickets
Select SCG Player Token10 Tickets