Registration Rewards

Preregister online or on-site by Friday, March 6 at 10pm ET.

A publicity waiver is required to play.

Basic Registration

Includes entry into the main event, exclusive Mardu Scout playmat, foil Griselbrand promo card and more!

  • Exclusive Mardu Scout playmat
  • Foil Griselbrand promo card
  • Free 8-player side event voucher
  • One-month Premium voucher
  • 10 SCG Prize Wall tickets
Sleep-In Special

Includes all benefits of the Basic registration and the ability to show up later if you have byes*!

*Players must have byes in order to purchase this package.

  • One bye – check in Saturday at 10:15am
  • Two byes – check in Saturday at 11:30am
  • Three byes – check in Saturday at 12:45pm

Submit your Grand Prix Miami decklists here!

VIP Package

Includes all the benefits of Basic registration with Sleep-In Special and much more!

  • A Exclusive Mardu Scout collectable pin
  • Bonus playmat: Out-of-print Grand Prix Miami 2013 playmat
  • 40 additional SCG Prize Wall tickets
  • VIP badge and lanyard
  • water bottle
  • Water station with unlimited refills
  • Exclusive access to our VIP seating area
  • Option to pick up Registration Rewards at any time during the weekend
  • Access to phone and electronics charging stations
  • Access to our VIP concierge
  • Exclusive side event registration area (Avoid the lines!)
  • Private pairings boards
  • Preferred VIP seating
All Rewards Guaranteed!
Benefits and Rewards Basic Registration Sleep-In Special VIP Package
Entry into the Grand Prix main event
Registration Rewards Bundle
Includes an exclusive Mardu Scout playmat, Grand Prix promotional foil Griselbrand, Free eight-player side event voucher, One-month Premium voucher
Prize Wall Tickets 10 10 50
Access to registration rewards before the player meeting
Ability to show up later if you have byes*
* Players without byes report at the regular time.
VIP Rewards Bundle
Includes VIP Badge and Lanyard, Mardu Scout collectible pin, SCG water bottle, bonus playmat: Grand Prix Miami 2013
Exclusive access to our
VIP Lounge
with phone/electronics charging station, water station with unlimited refills.
Access to our VIP concierge
Exclusive side event registration area
Avoid the lines!
Private pairings boards and preferred VIP tournament seating